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Definition[ edit ] Narrow ethnic definition[ edit ] In the narrower ethnic definition, a Sephardi Jew is a Jew descended from the Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula in the late 15th century, immediately prior to the issuance of the Alhambra Decree of by order of the Catholic Monarchs in Spain, and the decree of in Portugal by order of King Manuel I. Sephardic law and customs , Maghrebi Jews , Mizrahi Jews , and Jewish ethnic divisions The modern Israeli Hebrew definition of Sephardi is a much broader , religious based, definition that generally excludes ethnic considerations. In its most basic form, this broad religious definition of a Sephardi refers to any Jew, of any ethnic background, who follows the customs and traditions of Sepharad. For religious purposes, and in modern Israel, “Sephardim” is most often used in this wider sense which encompasses most non-Ashkenazi Jews who are not ethnically Sephardi, but are in most instances of West Asian or North African origin, but who nonetheless commonly use a Sephardic style of liturgy, meaning a majority of Mizrahi Jews. The term Sephardi in the broad sense, thus describes the nusach Hebrew language , “liturgical tradition” used by Sephardi Jews in their Siddur prayer book. A nusach is defined by a liturgical tradition’s choice of prayers, order of prayers, text of prayers and melodies used in the singing of prayers. Sephardim traditionally pray using Minhag Sefarad. The term Nusach Sefard or Nusach Sfarad does not refer to the liturgy generally recited by Sephardim proper or even Sephardi in a broader sense, but rather to an alternative Eastern European liturgy used by many Hasidim who are in fact Ashkenazi.

Sephardic signature in haplogroup T mitochondrial DNA

Raphael Whereas Ashkenazi surnames did not become common until the 18th century, Spanish Jews have used family names since medieval times and are used by their descendants to this very day. Although Sephardi and Ashkenazi names are distinctly different, many times they mean the same thing. Prior to the expulsion Spain was a golden era for Jews. Many fled to Portugal as refugees but were forcibly converted only five years later. Those that left Spain or escaped from Portugal were widely dispersed throughout the Ottoman Empire, Italy and South-Eastern Europe where they either joined existing Jewish communities or established new ones.

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Abstract A rare combination of mutations within mitochondrial DNA subhaplogroup T2e is identified as affiliated with Sephardic Jews, a group that has received relatively little attention. Four investigations were pursued: It was found that the rare motif belonged only to Sephardic descendents Turkey, Bulgaria , to inhabitants of North American regions known for secret Spanish—Jewish colonization, or were consistent with Sephardic ancestry. The ratio of sister subhaplogroups T2e to T2b was found to vary fold across populations from a low in the British Isles to a high in Saudi Arabia with the ratio in Sephardim more similar to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Italy than to hosts Spain and Portugal.

Coding region mutations of G and T may locate the Sephardic signature within T2e, but additional samples and reworking of current T2e phylogenetic branch structure is needed. The Sephardic Turkish community has a less pronounced founder effect than some Ashkenazi groups considered singly eg, Polish , but other comparisons of interest await comparable averaging. Registries of signatures will benefit the study of populations with a large number of smaller-size founders.

In the founding of some communities, only a handful of individuals were responsible for a large number of the individuals in those communities today.

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Links for other sections of this website at bottom of page The valuable information on this page has been provided by Lawrence H. D and MLS in an email responding to a question I asked him. I asked if I could share the information on this website and he graciously agreed. Dr Feldman is a very knowledgeable indexer, researcher and writer.

The Sephardic cemetery Beth Haim in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a village on the outskirts of Amsterdam, has been in use since and is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Netherlands. Another reminder of the Sephardic community in Amsterdam is the Huis De Pinto, a residence for the wealthy Sephardic family de Pinto, constructed in

Most arrived as political or economic refugees in the past 50 years, and all have the relative mobility offered by the possibility of immigration to Israel. Now, many are choosing to exercise that option. There are no good figures on how many Spanish Jews have left the country during the crisis, but Royo thinks the numbers are large. It felt obnoxious to bring it up, to pester her with abstract problems of blood and heritage while people were marching in the plazas and the trash in the streets was starting to stink.

But I was being paid to be obnoxious, so I asked anyhow. The citizenship program announced in would have replaced the naturalization card, sped the whole thing up, and dumped an earlier requirement that applicants renounce their prior citizenship. What about Jews with only one Sephardic parent? Does the Spanish government play by Nuremberg rules?

Vesom Sechel: Sephardic Tradition

Who We Are – SephardicLink. Com is a private Sephardic Jewish online dating site whose objective is to provide singles with a new alternative to meeting, and ultimately dating others. This private, personalized online community is a much needed medium for the singles of our community who are tired of the same old parties and lack of new faces, or for those who just want to jumpstart their social lives.

Aug 17,  · Manhattan’s growing Sephardic community says new center a win for Ashkenazi Jews Named for philanthropist Moise Safra, a complex opening on .

The original jacket description of this book was: Washburn, Ralph Solecki and others, Bradley offers a persuasive argument that the white race, the Neanderthal-Caucasoids, are more aggressive than other groups because of ancient sexual maladaption. And, in tracing the effects of Caucasian aggression, Bradley offers an uncomfortable and all-too-plausible explanation for the pattern of human history.

Michael receives no royalties from pirated editions sold through Amazon and in some bookstores. All agreed that the argument of The Iceman Inheritance was well worth an airing and objective assessment. The book was immediately excerpted by three major Canadian daily newspapers: The book was seen as a new and valuable insight into the pattern of human history.

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A traditional Jewish wedding is full of meaningful rituals, symbolizing the beauty of the relationship of husband and wife, as well as their obligations to each other and to the Jewish people. The following guide explains the beauty and joy of these the Jewish wedding traditions. The Wedding Day The dawning wedding day heralds the happiest and holiest day of one’s life.

Transform your entire High Holy Day prayer experience with this useful book! This remarkable, step-by-step guide through the Amidah Prayer is designed to help the reader reach greater heights of understanding and concentration. Utilizing a line-by.

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Jews and Jewish Heritage in Spain

The laws pertaining to Kohanim, the Hebrew word for priests, would belong in that category. Kohanim are believed to be of direct lineal descent from Moses’s brother Aaron. Today, some of these Jews have names like Cohen, Kohn, Katz, Kaplan and other derivatives, the exception being names that were changed as Jews arrived at Ellis Island.

In the Torah, Kohein singular for Kohanim refers to a priest who served in Jerusalem’s holy temple. The Kohanim there performed specific rituals in accordance with days of the week and festivals.

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Not everyone can be Sephardic, as this list shows the surnames themselves are Sephardic. What are Sephardic Jews: If your last name is not here does not mean that is not Jewish, it could mean that it was changed, or modified to be sound less Jewish. Many immigrants to modern Israel change their names to Hebrew names, to erase remnants of galuti exiled life still surviving in family names from other languages. This phenomenon was especially common among Ashkenazic Jewish immigrants to Israel, because most of their names were taken later and some were imposed by the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

In a narrow sense, Jews descended from the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula before their expulsion in the late 15th century; In a broad sense, and particularly for religious purposes, Jews who use a Sephardic style of liturgy or otherwise define themselves in terms of the Jewish customs and traditions which originated in the Iberian Peninsula, whether or not they have any historical or ethnographic connection to the Iberian Peninsula.

In this broader sense, the term Sephardim includes most Mizrahi Jews, and in Israel sometimes means any Jew who is not Ashkenazi. Notice that many Sephardic surnames appear to be in the Arabic language. The Arabs and Moors, are given credit for brining surnames as we know them to Spain during their conquest. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of your last name or where your family surname came from? What your ancestors did, how they looked or where they lived?

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Odeon The International Talking Machine Company Odeon was the first company to institute a system of independent agents who worked with local artists to record local music. This limited slate of releases indicates the relatively small commercial opportunity presented by Sephardic music. Gramophone Odeon’s arch-rival, the Gramophone Company had been the first to record in the Ottoman Empire, in In May of that year, the Gramophone engineer William Sinkler Darby visited Belgrade and Bucharest, then recorded Greek and Turkish songs in Constantinople on single-sided, 7-inch records.

This office handled the company’s affairs for the Near East, and issued the Greek and Turkish catalogues, including many of the so-called “Oriental Jewish” recordings discussed here.

In , Spain expelled the Jews. In , the government invited them back. Josh Nathan-Kazis went to Madrid in search of a passport — and his Sephardic identity.

Print 65 shares In this photo taken on Tuesday, May 5, , a Jewish woman reads a book at the main Jewish synagogue in Lisbon. Portugal enacted in March a law to grant citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews exiled during the Inquisition years ago. Spain is about to adopt a similar law but its different requirements have raised criticism. The Panamanian real estate developer, a descendant of Sephardic Jews kicked out of Spain five centuries ago, was elated when the country announced it would atone for the Inquisition by granting citizenship to people who can prove lineage from exiled Jews.

One amendment after another were tacked on that made the application process tougher and delayed approval for a bill that faced virtually no opposition. Frustrated, Paredes Henriquez turned instead to Portugal. The neighboring country had enacted its own law to grant citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews exiled during the Inquisition, which forced Jews to flee, convert to Catholicism or be burned at the stake. He submitted his Portuguese citizenship application in late March.

A Spanish passport means those who get it would be able to live or work anywhere in the nation European Union, and apply for citizenship for immediate family members. While some European nations are experiencing a surge in anti-immigration sentiment, Spain and Portugal are not, and the laws have not generated opposition. Many would-be applicants thought the Spanish law, announced in , would carry few requirements beyond thorough vetting of ancestry. But Spanish lawmakers ended up adding amendments making the process for Sephardic Jews similar to that faced by permanent residents seeking citizenship.

Interview with Mr Meyer “Mickey” Kairey at the Sephardic Community Center November 6, 1984.