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I admit that I still have some niggling reservations about the premise, but I like the tone, the leads in particular the sympathetic heroine , and find promise in the side characters. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. A busload of high school students listen to a radio show as the DJ reads a letter submitted by a lovestruck teenage boy who, along with all the boys in town, is infatuated with a girl named Kang Joo-eun. Then the bus pulls up to the next stop, and all the boys go wild in anticipation as that very girl steps onto the bus. Joo-eun is called out of class to clean up the graffiti left by her admirers, proclaiming their love for her.

Allie Jackson: My Handmade Vintage Wedding Dress

By Emily Blake And chances are, no one could have known we would get something as honest, angry and — occasionally — weird as this. Some chapters screamed “I came to slay, bitch. Intuition The first time we see Beyonce, she’s crouched in front of a red curtain, singing the pointed opening lines of album opener “Pray You Catch Me”: There are no men, which is very, very deliberate as she speaks from the perspective of a woman questioning not only the trustworthiness of her partner, but men in general.

Hook Love, we’re far from Eden but I like it, truth be told babe, I’m such a heathen ooh has your brain caught up to you know? Hook. See me down the street But you can’t get close cause I’m much too fast Oh my, make her moan, amateur, barritone sex drive, like animals (baby) Outro.

I wear this cowl a lot. It is smaller and lighter than the others I have made and it is definitely my most wearable cowl. Crocheted with one skein of 5 Bulky yarn 1 CollectCollect this now for later diana. Crocheted with one skein of 5 Bulky yarn Crochet cowls CollectCollect this now for later lucy One of my good friends has a sweet 3 month old baby girl who sports the most adorable knitted cupcake hat.

The second I saw it, I knew I had to make a crocheted version! I decided to make this super easy and quick yarn basket with the yarn that was laying in my closet for quite some time. I have a chronic depression which makes me really anxious and sad most of time. The Vines is my fave band, so I just decided to make it to remember everyday: I wanted a basic outline of topics to hopefully target each week.

I decided that most of the time, things are too difficult to ta Recipes to Try CollectCollect this now for later jill This school year, I’ll be running a social skills group at my work!

IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack: DIY Dress Up Closet

If you have troubles please view the video 1 ch 42 2 starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1sc in each ch 41 ch 2 and turn start in the 3rd st from the hook, 1hdc in each st for 5 rows 8 1hdc in each st for 1 row, connect the ends with your first hdc 41 9 1hdc in each st for 1 row 10 1hdc in the next 2st, ch3 and sl st into the 20th st from the front of the ch 11 now working in the round to your left.

Add a marker into the last st you put in. I will be fixing the video asap. That’s the side it will stay on. Roll the bottom of the pant legs up the the ridge we created by crocheting in the FLO.

I love my fabric, thanks looking forward to whipping up my white version too. There’s a teeny tiny part of me that thinks I should make my white sweater somehow different than the blue one but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up doing exactly the same.

If you plan to use safety eyes they are placed in between the 12th and 13th row with 7 visible stitches between them. The top of the muzzle is placed on the 12th or 13th row, whichever looks best to you. Whip stitch a nose in place before sewing the muzzle to the head. Click here for video tutorial. The video follows the same order as the written pattern. Add in a marker at the end of row 2 and move that marker at the end of every row.


This is why you’ve never heard of him. The weather was cool and crisp, around 50 degrees. The wind speed was eight miles an hour from the south-southwest, and visibility was 20 miles. The mid-afternoon weather, in short, was perfect for flying.

“Hook Up My Space” is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on March 31, It was written by Michael Feldman and directed by Rich al air date: March 31,

While they are inspiring, you won’t see anything too involved here at Pig In Mud: But what I hope you will find every once in a while is a “rainy afternoon project” that you can bang out within a couple hours or even better yet, make with your daughter or granddaughter. This little cocktail dress is a good example. Variegated with sequins, the bling immediately caught my eye I think Barbie’s a blingy kinda gal: The yarn is not 4 ply, it’s thinner, maybe it’s closer to a baby yarn or sport weight?

This tube dress only uses single crochet and double crochet and is worked from the bottom up. I love that it has some shape to it. I’ll admit that it was a lucky coincidence that the dress goes from lighter to darker, I didn’t even think of how the colors would work out! As for the pattern, I am a novice at crocheting, these are my notes while making it. It will give you an idea of what you need to do and I think you can guess it just needs to be decreased a few stitches for the waist, increased for the bust and then decrease the last row over each boob so the top fits snugly.

I kept slipping it on the doll and doing what seemed to make sense: Chain 28, slip stitch into first chain making sure not to twist chain. After the last decrease just single crochet to the starting point again.

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I can build my perfect wardrobe in the perfect fit and have a ton of fun in the process. This dress was over a year in the making. So I stopped searching. Every so often I would look up map fabric and still nothing caught my attention.

Jul 14,  · Basic Crochet Undergarment for Bleuette oh my! I cannot wait to finish everything I have on the hook to start making these adorable dolls and outfits!!! I love your blog! It is a pure pleasure to share my love of crochet, and dollmaking, with wonderful kindred spirits such as .

I bought both blue and white colour ways. After handling it I determined I wanted to make a long, slightly swingy sweater. The Blackwood Cardigan was a contender but ideally I wanted my cardigan to close with fasteners…more on that later. I searched my pattern stash. I trolled the Internet. The Darling Ranges Dartless Dress is just three pattern pieces; front, back and sleeve. It also has a narrow bias cut neckline facing, of which I used a remnant of cotton. Oh…and the pocket piece.

I love that this pattern has lovely big pockets! Because the sweater is unlined, I finished all visible edges with my serger. I sewed the seams with a straight stitch on my regular machine, using a 70 ball point needle. Top stitching was a bit of a beast…I ended up going with the longest stitch length on my machine to help keep things in alignment. The under layer of the quilted jersey is a dark navy blue.

My one deviant from the pattern was to add a deep sleeve hem facing.

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Volume 2 is NOT done yet, but I saw Mani on the carpet last night and decided this story couldn’t wait. She damn near killed me on the carpet and the stage! I had just gotten home from work.

My favorite party ideas are the most simple and straightforward. This balloon wall fits that category. This would be awesome as party decor backdrop or as a photobooth! To emphasize the different shapes and sizes we blew up some balloons smaller to add variety. A few tips when you do it yourself.

Since I wanted to make it for a guy, I ditched the feminine colors and went with a rich, chocolatey brown color that made me think of brownies. That, of course, made me hungry, but that story is for a recipe blog not a crochet pattern tutorial! Check out the fun photos we did for this tutorial. I wanted you all to see a bit of my city, so we headed out to the train station for some industrial looking shots.

It was so much fun! Here the close up look on lady! Basically, this slouchy beanie is made from a single crochet rectangle. I also recommend holding double the yarn while crocheting. To achieve the bubbly look on the top of the hat.

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This pattern is made for beginners! These will explain a lot for you. You can customize the piece to match your size. Make slip knot then chain 60 or until the chain is at the length you want the width of the front of your bikini to be about 11 inch. Sc in the next chain from hook and each stitch across to the end of the row. Sc2tog, then make sc in each stitch across until the last 2 sts for the last 2 stitches make sc2tog.

[Hook:] Oh, oh-oh-oh I think I’m in love again Oh, oh-OH-oh She gives me my medicine and we, was meant to be She works at the dispensary, and every time I.

Not in like a children party kind of way. Pornographic kind of way. I started looking on Craigslist for gigs. So did you not find any tickling videos, or tickling work? You know, I found a bunch, but it was all in like West Pennsylvania and there was no way I was traveling to West Pennsylvania. Have you heard that people who live in the woods have sulfuric acid in their fences, in West Pennsylvania? They eat raccoons and they have sulfuric acid in their fences… Like hicks, you know?

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Old monitors are notoriously long lasting and provide a level of quality that is hard to get with a newer monitor. Also, even if your new computer does not have the right video output, there are still ways to run a cable with a converter and still keep the high quality. To hook up a new computer to an an old monitor, you will need: Determine what connectors you are using and have available.

So, my dress. The bodice is a straight up Emery, perhaps my favourite pattern in the whole world. Ha. Yellow pages. Jan would totally be off the hook these days. Oh Sudley, how I love thee. A relative new comer to my stash, she became a firm favourite right away. And to be honest, I bought Sudley for the blouse version – but on a whim.

About 3m of fabric, sewing machine, elastic possibly a needle and thread and a hook What you must do Cut two of the first front , one of the second back. The orange dotted line is where you might use a princess seam refer to my ‘wrap bodice’ tutorial but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’ve just done one because I have limited fabric and it’s a way to I’ve also done the same on the back but The length of both should be from your shoulders to the waistline, plus an inch or so seam allowance.

Keep in mind that for the first piece, you will cross these over so make sure you make it a few wider. You can use an existing shirt for reference if you are unsure. I have not made this to be fitted – you should be able to pull this over your head so do make it wide enough! With the right sides inward, sew the pieces together at the shoulders and sides, along the dotted lines. Set it aside for the moment.

For your skirt, either get one long piece of fabric or lots of panels that together make up one long piece of fabric, whatever you can do. Either pleat or gather your skirt so the skirt opening and the bottom of the bodice are the same size.

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