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Hauling prodigious cargoes on a motorscooter is common in many countries, but is somewhat more limited in the USA. Even within the modest and conservative guidelines placed upon cargo hauling in US states, the motorscooter can be laden with vast quantities of freight without compromizing safety and stability. A full shopping load comes easily withing the intended weight capacity of a cc scooter whose pillion seat is designed for well over lbs. Under-Seat Storage Most Motor Scooters come with under-the-seat storage, some have a front glove box, and many may be fitted with a bolt-on trunk that also serves as a backrest for the passenger. The under-seat compartment and trunk are ostensibly capable of storing a helmet each, however, this is not true of full-face helmets which do not come close to fitting into either compartment. It may be seem convenient to store helmets away in this way but it is actually a dreadful waste of space.

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Etran Group chief executive Soranun Choochut introduces his Etran Promp, dubbed “the world’s first electric-innovative scooter for public use” Start-up to launch taxi service using electric scooters Corporate February 25, Etran aims to raise Bt million from a pre-Series A round during the next few months to kick off its e-transport solution in September, aiming to rent out 10, Etran Proms during the initial phase to motorcycle-taxi drivers who would like to switch to the electric scooters.

Drivers of Etran Proms will be provided with a smart card that they can use to start the vehicle, swap batteries, receive maintenance, and pay the rental fee, which will start from Bt3, a month.

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There were a spate of robberies within 90 minutes in south Manchester Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Eight people were robbed in 90 minutes by two men riding a red scooter across Didsbury, Rusholme, Ladybarn and Levenshulme first thing in the morning. Police are investigating the strange spate of attacks which happened within a two mile radius on Monday, September 4, between 4.

In each incident the victims were threatened and robbed by two men on a red Honda scooter who were armed with a knife and a screwdriver. Read More They then stole mobile phones, wallets and handbags. Both men were dressed in dark clothing and covered their faces with helmets to conceal their identity. It is thought the scooter may have been stolen from Fallowfield two days before the robberies took place.

Detectives believe they are connected.

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We can repair, and install mobility equipment in your vehicle right from the comfort of your home! There is no need to bring us your vehicle, because we will go to you! If you need to set an appointment outside of these times, please call or email to arrange a time.

The AJS & Matchless Owners Club Limited caters for individuals and families who have an interest in either AJS or Matchless motorcycles. The club produces its own monthly magazine (called Jampot) that is distributed to over 3, members worldwide as well as having its own spares scheme to assist owners in keeping their machines in top working order.

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Car meet at Hoover Dam in Columbus, Ohio Car clubs have been a form of gathering car aficionados for many years that focus a passion for a certain type of car or driving activity. Some clubs were large enough to be run as a paid business with salaried employees; in the s, some were sponsored by car dealers. Car clubs often host gatherings called “meets” which often also welcome interested non-members.

The EACC is the UK’s leading club for cyclemotor, autocycle and moped enthusiasts. The club is run for the mutual benefit of all its members, all our committee members and officers are unpaid volunteers and we do not seek to make a profit.

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Scooter dating Nope, this isn’t some kind of weird rust based Italian fetish, it’s something many classic scooter buyers will get involved with if they’re looking for an .

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You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious.

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Another fuel injected mid-sized scooter to review! This big-wheeled scooters has been selling in other countries for a while now mostly as a cc but we seeing it in North America for the first time this year. Operating under the assumption that you are sick and tired of ME going on and on about safety, I thought you may want to hear it from some other sources and who could blame you. Review of the Kymco K-Pipe July, OK, it’s not really a scooter, but the Kymco K-Pipe is a wonderful fun little light-weight, small displacement motorcycle with a new-rider friendly shifter.

Review of the Genuine Venture 50 May, Whew!

Honda Vision NSC 50cc. We have just taken stock of a very nice and very well looked after Honda Vision 50cc, this little scooter will make a great first scooter lightweight and enough power for.

The quality varies widely and the makers, though high in business acumen, are notoriously low on business scruples and utterly abysmal when it comes to English communication. Some are, however, aware of the effect of this reputation and a few manufacturers of low-end scooters, notably TANK, Taizhou Chuanl, and Roadrunner are making a genuine effort to establish at least an appearance of respectability see TANK Scooters. Scooters from Chaunl from Global Trailer , however, do have California certification.

See California Legal Scooters. Scooter World has published a well-researched article entitled ” China and the American Scooterist ” on the importation of Chinese scooters to America. There have been accusations of, and unfair trade lawsuits filed against Chinese companies for “dumping” selling below cost scooters on the American market.

Some are still not worth the price, particularly those which do not qualify for registration in the states, but in a certain sense, it is nice that the Chinese are however unintentionally subsidizing economical scooter usage in America. The gy6 engine used in Honda scooters has been manufactured in Chinese factories for decades. China runs on motorscooters. After the bicycle, motorscooters are the dominant form of private transportation.

In China and Taiwan, one sometimes sees whole families on one scooter See passengers on a scooter. The Chinese home market is vastly larger than the American or European markets and, for over a decade, Chinese products have dominated sales to developing countries.

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Find the perfect business for you with our Business Ideas Tool. Business Overview A scooter rental business offers customers a fun and affordable option for short-term transportation. For most, scooters can be rented by hourly, half day, and whole day rates. Who is this business right for? If you have experience in retail sales or product rentals, knowledge of small engines, a strong work ethic, and a business mind, a scooter rental business could be your ticket to financial independence.

Especially if you have a background in scooters and motorcycles, either as a rider or enthusiast, or from working in a motorbike retail business, your expertise could set you apart from the competition.

How to Choose the Right Size Rental Car. What Kind of Coverage Do I Need When I Rent a Car? How to Save Money at the Rental Car Counter.

I’m just going through this to register the K. You have to show that import duty and VAT is paid then it can go on the NOVA – Notification Of Vehicles Arrival – system then to register it you have to show frame and engine numbers and date of manufacture. I understand that Suzuki GB don’t have records for the 60s and early 70s bikes or perhaps can’t be arsed – they could always look on Mraxls site!

The VJMC ask for a couple of photos of the bike as well as the VIN plate and headstock stamp, plus the engine number stamping by photo or paper rubbing. Yes they charge but you don’t have to join the VJMC if you don’t want to. It’s cheaper for the dating service if you do though! I have just received a registration pack from DVLA and can get on with the next stage another call to a helpful lady there. Of course to get a test cert, it has to be finished and running so that’s a few weeks away yet, but nearly there.

I understand the reason for all this is because some folks were fetching container loads of bikes over as ‘spares’ so didn’t pay VAT, then sold the bikes and cars on for rebuilds. So make sure you have proper documentation when you buy an import, or you’ll get stung for VAT at best, or not be able to register the bike at worst as it may be a ‘ringer’ or illegal import. You have been warned!! A system to STOP importers or anyone else cheating and registering bikes brought in as spare parts from outside europe that openly by nature of how its been set up STILL allows anyone to make up a” story” about where that old bike originated from.


The club is run for the mutual benefit of all its members, all our committee members and officers are unpaid volunteers and we do not seek to make a profit. We also try to be as open and inclusive as we can: Our policies, minutes and accounts are available for all to see. We welcome non-members at our events. We are happy to give help and advice to non-members.

We hope that this makes us a club that people join because they want to be part of it, not one that people feel they have to join in order to obtain a particular service … so far, it seems to be working … Latest News AGM The minutes of the AGM are available on our documents page.

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